We are very excited to announce the NEW mPower Cath Hydro™. This is an amazing advancement in the HYDROPHILIC intermittent urinary catheter.

The mPower Cath Hydro™ proprietary design:mpower-cath2

1. Super Easy To Use
2. Super Lubricated
3. No Mess

  • The mPower Cath HydroTM is super easy to use for individuals with limited or normal dexterity
  • The closed-system (touchless catheter) AND introducer tip reduces the risk of infection
  • The protective sheath assists in catheter insertion

Individuals with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, spina bifida and other conditions who would like to perform intermittent catheterization but have difficulty or cannot due to their limited finger dexterity will find that the mPower Cath Hydro™ may now allow them to do so.


Individuals with normal dexterity will find that mPower Cath Hydro™ is the easiest and most convenient catheter they have ever used.

The mPower CathTM catheter series are patent protected with multiple patents issued and other pending patents.