Introducing the PerfIC Cath Hybrid

Finally, a Catheter That Allows for Independence

PerfIC Cath Hybrid
For Limited And Normal Dexterity

Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Spina Bifida and Other Conditions who would like to perform intermittent catheterization but have difficulty or cannot due to their limited dexterity will find that the PerfIC Cath Hybrid™ can now allow them to do so.

Designed for all users

The PerfIC Cath

  • Created for Limited Dexterity
    The PerfIC Cath Hybrid™ is super easy to use for individuals with limited or normal dexterity.
  • Super Lubricated
    The closed-system (touchless catheter) AND introducer tip helps decrease urinary tract infection risk.
  • No Mess
    The collection bag urine drainage is quick and easy with large easy-tear loops.
Revolutionary drainage system

Urine collection bag with large finger loops  and hook to securely hold and easily drain.

Easy grip sheath

The PerfIC Cath™ proprietary design allows for ease-of-use for individuals with limited or normal dexterity.

Reduces risk of infection

The PerfIC Cath™ introducer tip helps decrease urinary tract infection risk

Our patented catheter highlights

The PerfIC Cath Hybrid Features

No Touch Closed system

Sterile Touchless Catheter and Collection Bag for Individuals with Limited and Normal Dexterity

Pre-Lubricated High Quality Catheter

Heat Polished Smooth Eyelets for Insertion Comfort

Ring cap and introducer tip

Lubricated Introducer Tip to Help Reduce Risk of Infection

Protective Sheath Easy Grip

Expanded Sheath Diameter for Tetraplegic Grip and Insertion


A Well-Placed Hook Allowing Use of Both Hands for Catheterization

Collection bag

Large Finger Loops to Securely Hold and Easily Drain

Inventor and Founder

Meet Dr. Glen House

Dr. House is a C7 tetraplegia with limited finger dexterity who cannot perform intermittent self-catheterization with the current products on the market. Dr. House is also a practicing physician, with many patients who share his limitation and frustration. The design of the PerfIC Cath Hybrid™ was the result of over 10 years of research and development, along with an enormous amount of user feedback from patients and friends about what they most needed in a product we all depend on daily.

If you have a spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, stroke, spina bifida, or other conditions that require you to catheterize, please contact us for what we feel is the best catheter in existence. If you have limited dexterity that makes catheterization difficult or impossible, we think we have created the perfect catheter to help you.

See the difference yourself

Try a perfic cath hybrid & Experience Freedom

                      Whether you’re a Patient, a Caregiver, or a Healthcare Professional,                        our experienced staff are ready to assist.  We are serious about being your partner and bringing a personal touch to a personal topic.

Your health matters

Discuss Your Needs with a Medical Professional

Come into our medical supply store, Elevation Medical Supply, in Colorado Springs for a private consult. Our experienced professionals are ready to assist. We are serious about being your partner and bringing a personal touch to a personal topic. Your health is our priority. The PerfIC cath is a great fit for inviduals:

  • with absent or limited dexterity that prevents self-IC
  • who can perform self-IC with difficulty or choose not to because of the challenge and time involved
  • who have difficulty with the current products

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We Work Closely With Clinicians, Healthcare Professionals And Caregivers To Provide The Best Product For Your Patients.  Our Experienced Staff Is Ready To Serve And Be Your Extended Service.