Revolutionizing the catheter experience

The PerfIC Cath Hybrid Closed System

We Are Very Excited To Provide The PerfIC Cath Hybrid     

An Amazing Advancement in a Lubricated  Intermittent Catheter Closed System that is dry with no wet mess.

The PerfIC Cath Hybrid offers Extraordinary benefits over existing intermittent catheters.

Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, and other Conditions who would like to perform Intermittent Catheterization but cannot due to their Limited Dexterity will find that the PerfIC Cath Hybrid can now allow them to do so.

Individuals with Normal Dexterity will find that the PerfIC Cath Hybrid is the Easiest and most Convenient Intermittent Catheter they have ever used.

The PerfIC Cath Hybrid is designed by Users, for Users, with a Proprietary Design allowing for:

  • Ease Of Use
  • Reduced Risk Of Infection
  • Quick Drainage
  • No Wet Mess

why it works

The PerfIC Cath Difference

Designed for all users

The PerfIC Cath

  • Created for Limited Dexterity
    The PerfIC Cath Hybrid™ is super easy to use for individuals with limited or normal dexterity.
  • Super Lubricated
    The closed-system (touchless catheter) AND introducer tip  helps decrease urinary tract infection risk.
  • No Mess
    The collection bag urine drainage is quick and easy with easy-tear loops.
Revolutionary drainage system

Urine collection bag with large finger loops  and hook to securely hold and easily drain.

Easy Grip Sheath

The PerfIC Cath™ proprietary design allows for ease-of-use for individuals with limited or normal dexterity.

Reduces Risk of Infection

The PerfIC Cath™ introducer tip helps decrease urinary tract infection risk

Our patented catheter highlights

The PerfIC Cath Hybrid Features


Sterile Touchless Catheter and Collection Bag for the Individuals with Limited and Normal Dexterity.

Pre-Lubricated High Quality Catheter

Heat Polished Smooth Eyelets for Insertion Comfort

Ring Cap and Introducer tip

Lubricated Introducer Tip to Help Reduce Risk of Infection

Protective Sheath Easy Grip

Expanded Sheath Diameter for Tetraplegic Grip and Insertion


A Well-Placed Hook Allowing Use of Both Hands for Catheterization.

Collection bag

Large Finger Loops to Securely Hold and Easily Drain

Experience The Difference Yourself

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