Dr. Glen House promotes low-carb diets for those with spinal cord injuries

How are doctors using low-carb diets to help their unique patient populations? Meet Dr. Glen House, medical director of the Capron Neuro and Trauma Rehabilitation Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dr. House is inspiring patients with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities to adopt a low-carb diet to improve their blood sugar management and their health. Here’s his story.

The skis that Dr. Glen House was wearing when, at age 20, he went over a cliff at Utah’s Snowbird resort, hang as a memento on his garage wall.

Every year on the anniversary of the accident that broke his neck at the 7th cervical vertebrae, Dr. House goes out for a celebratory family dinner with his wife, his two daughters, ages 14 and 20, and his parents.

“It’s a celebration of life. My daughters say, ‘Dad, we’re so glad you made it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here,’” Dr. House says.

January 5, 2020, marked the 30th anniversary of his head-first fall into a rock that paralyzed him from the neck down…

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